Before making


Before making the chandelier I decided to test out the branches that I gathered and see what it would look like in different positions I tried it hanging down and side ways. Knowing the branches are long and wide I decided to forced on the branches sideways. I decided to stop at a certain amount as I thought the branches could get damaged on the way to the theatre and would be frustrating to gather move branches because of that. So I decided to avoid that. I showed the group that out chandelier is going to have this type of look. it was frustrating that I was the only one to attempt this demo for the chandelier, as I asked the group many times that we need to do a demo before going to the theatre and just getting on with it. We only had a certain amount of time in the theatre to make the installation and I voiced that we need to make the mistakes now rather than on the day. Because no one expect myself was willing to come in and do the demo the group faced a mistake that took time from our making. Also facing the point of I was the only one brought in large branches and having people in my group saying it could have been bigger but yet if they wished that they should have brought in branches like I asked rather than I did. Luckily I brought in enough branches to do so and yet the chandelier came out beautiful than I could have imagined especially int the designs that we did in the group.


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