Research within the making of the chandelier


homemadesimple. (2014). Branch Chandelier. [Online Video]. Mar 21, 2014. Available from: [Accessed: 25 February 2016].

After looking at this video I found that drilling would be a hard to go onto espeially that the branches that I have collected for the chandelier so I found that nailing some parts of the chandelier together would make the installation a easy hold and to keep it strong. After nailing some parts together the group and I found that tying the branches with wire onto chicken would keep the branches stable and strong. Especially that the chicken wire was attached the the ceiling so we knew that the branches will not go anyway. Gathering this information  from these videos it has helped from how to hanging the installation to keeping it together. If we had larger branches I think drilling them together to get the shape we wanted just like what happened in both videos shown above and below us.


ThreadBanger . (2013). DIY Shadow Chandelier – MAN VS PIN #1. [Online Video]. Nov 16, 2013. Available from: [Accessed: 25 February 2016].

I first looked at “DIY Shadow Chandelier” video that I found myself. Hilden & Diazare the creators of the Chandelier that is called ‘Forms in Nature’  the lights was partly inspired by the drawings of Ernst Haeckel a biologist that is well known for discovering new species of animals and mapping the family history of “tree of life”. The ‘Form in Nature’ has a powerful meaning and only 100 exist and a extremely expensive I looked into how I could recreate my own for this project. Looking at the person in the video seeing how badly he made his own piece I looked into how I could make it better and give a better feeling of a enchanted forest just like Halden & Diazara.

colossal. 2013. A Chandelier that Projects Tree Shadows. [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 07 March 16].


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