During the time making this booklet it has opened my eyes to what I want in my future. Not only I am a caring person etc. or an artist. I have created a character that reflects myself and making this booklet has helped me through this year to create new things all the time within printmaking. After emailing Bob Craig and Mike Gamble they have made me so excited to created something new ever week, which is why I am going to create something new every week within my personal work.

I decided to spend a whole month creating something new each week.

My instagram spiritual_witch it will show images with new pieces of work that I have created in my own time. I feel by doing this instagram account will help me improve my printmaking skills and would make want to do more printmaking over time goes on in my future career.

When completing the booklet I feel like I have accomplished the start of my future career and makes me want to carry on what I love and to keep a reminded what improvements and goals that are needed in my career as a printmaker.And during times that I feel Im not doing well or times where I feel as I should just give then this booklet will remind what type of person I am and the people that have inspired me by email conversation I had with Bob Craig will make me sore to greatness as a printmaker.

“Look at everything Sinead. Stay open minded and flexible but keep the spine that made you want to be a artist and go to art school. Most of all stay tenacious. Keep plugging away. Art takes work and working at it. I know that isn’t sexy but it’s true.” Bob Craig.



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