I have chosen to go to a workshop that is about the do’s and the don’ts in a business. Kofi the director  of the course made the group and I realise what we want and how we’re going to get it. For the first 3 weeks Kofi went over why business went down and what they could have done to improve it. For example Blockbuster went out of business because Netflicks came along and dvd’s and videos were not need as well a HMV went down to the same reason. People stopped buying cd’s etc and bought things online as technology evolved and even so we’re artist and paintings and other pieces of art will still be known but update technology will always take the hot spot in any industry and we all need to acknowledge that if we don’t go with it we’ll find ourselves not doing as a great as other people are doing.

The last 3 weeks Kofi has made the group and I realise even so we have dreams and wants and needs but we still need to accomplished it and make ourselves do it to get it in life. Dreams are just dreams but to make our dream come true we need to do it.

Kofi made me realise that as my work is dark it relates to the halloween category and that’s when my will be the most popular.


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