Sammy Slabbinck

Sammy Slabbinck is a surrealist collage artist. His work has inspired me to follow onto a college piece within my memories, personality, attitude and who I am in general. A piece that Sammy Slabbinck has done makes me think that what is shown in this piece is that he is showing what is his inner piece and the places he wishes to go and travel. One section I that am shown in the image am of space and to be able to live or go to space would be a dream come true. I see in that section is that Slabbinck would do anything to get away from living civilisation and be somewhere peaceful, away from all the negativity and hate. Relating to this for myself is very understanding; there are some days where I hate the world and human beings and go into my surroundings of nature and have the company of wild spiritual animals from the love of animals and nature. Sometimes I feel as if humans don’t deserve to live from how cruel they can be to anything and anyone.


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