After speaking to Ellen about a fail that Im not happy with.

I’m planning over and looking over more films to get the idea about Spiritual Witch.

9/6/16-After speaking with Ellen about my film and showing her what I have so far. The film show a repeat concept but that is not where I was heading. Yes the story of spiritual with is mainly flickery lights but there is more to that so I’m going over what I want to show. I have done a story board of Spiritual Witch (me dressed up as her and show images of my young self. The idea to show my past and present within one has come from the advert in No 7  lift and Luminate. The advert shows the ballernia dancing and a younger self appear from a projector. I find that using this technique very inspiring, to be able to be reminded what type of person you are even if you have look at the past. I want to use to feeling of the past (my younger self) in my film. Spiritual witch isn’t just about magic and evil but the true person within me. I’m caring not horrible, I’m wise not arrgont, which is why having images of my childhood in my film will be good to show as it would remind the audiance that only because witch is within my work doesn’t mean that little girl was and isn’t evil.



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