Inside Out

Inside out is a film based on emotions we face on a daily bases from a child to the age we are today. Looking what kind of person I was and now has made me relate to the film. During this year, I have encountered many emotions and using those I can place different worlds that represent different emotions that I have felt during this year. Joy, fear, sadness , disgust and anger will be part of the images as they are the main emotions to us all, but also anxiety, paranoia, love (tender), confident and exhausted. In the film, I noticed there are scenes such as Imagination Land and Dream Production. my imagination and dream will be involved with my emotions as during those emotions different types of images go through our mind during that moment of emotion. For example, During the time we are sad, we feel as if our world is falling a part and nothing can get better. When I feel sad I feel as nothing is going to get better. I imagine that I am being pulled into the ground as if it’s like being buried alive and to be left to die.

Woman and men think differently so for people to view my points or to see images of how I feel and due to that moment, however for men that are always around a woman maybe they would be more of an understanding during to how I feel at a moment.

inside out

Inside out has gone far to the point where they are teaching children about how to express their emotions to each other, especially to the children with mental health. For children with mental heath can be a to be time for them, as during your childhood it should be the best time of your life but for some might not understand about their emotions and by watching Inside out can change how people can deal their emotions even if it comes to a nervous breakdown at a young age. And it just shows mental health isn’t for a particularly age, but can happen to anyone at any age.

I think this film has inspired me in many ways, especially for my emotions during this year and in the past from how it has affected me. Before arriving on this course I had an eating disorder that lasted over 5 years and yet eating now still feels weird for me. Not eating is normal to me. I feel as I have no choice but yet, however deep down I know eating is the right thing to do.

I find ever since I was a child I had a problem eating food, I was a vegetarian and couldn’t stand the sight of meet and even now I cant stand meat but I’ll eat it for the sake of it. I’ve come to a point even now that I cant eat the egg, as it will make me unwell for days.

Eating disorders is a huge issue in my life and yet it can effect on my emotions and make me unaware to how I feel at the time and why I am feeling this way.

Screen Shot 2016-07-08 at 02.16.46

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