Self Initiated Project Week 2



Princess Mononoke is an anime film about the spiritual/ animal gods that protect the forest from humans that are destroying it. The term Mononoke is not a name, but in Japanese it means spirit or monster. The plot starts in the Village Muromachi in Japan, where Prince Emishi manages to destroy the demon that came out of nowhere and was aiming to attack the village. We soon find out the Demon is a boar god, Nago, who carries the pain from having been wounded by iron ball when he was shot by a villager in The Irontown.

I would like to think that my spirit animal would be considered as a god, a god that protects the world. (Image 2)

My idea is of a spiritual witch who would be the princess of the woodland clan who protects it from any form of virus, anxiety and any form of evil within the world (image 3). In the first part of this imaginary world project, the image shown is of a younger version of the spiritual witch. Image 3 shows an older warrior or spiritual Witch, of the age I am today.

Images that I wish to show as a result for my outcomes include my spiritual self or alter ego as the god that is watching over, protecting, and loving the world that has been created within my mind.

Image 2, with my spiritual self as a God, has Native American patterns chosen from their clothing and symbols.


Terry Pratchett

The idea of a god protecting a world, a universe is the position of how a mother or a creature would protect their offspring. In The Discworld graphic novels, the colour of magic & the light are fantastic, as Terry Pratchett first shows a world being carried by a sea turtle. I think Terry Pratchett chose a sea turtle because they are so graceful and peaceful. However looking into Hindu Mythology on the story of The Avatars of Vishnu it is very clear Terry Pratchett got his idea from other religious encounters.

This is a quick sketch of the god (spiritually myself) carrying my world. My imaginary world that i have created is one that I protect, as if it were one of my children.





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