Week 3

Tim Burton is famously known for the weird and wonderful worlds he creates as illustrator and director. When Tim Burton’s films first appeared the audience saw them as Gothic and unusual, some people might even say crazy. But I think everyone’s crazy in their own way, it’s just some people are able to express it.I find Burton’s films are a way to let your demons out and each day this week I have watched a Tim Burton film and thought of ways it could link into my own crazy world.

Day 1- Corpses Bride is one of my favourite Tim Burton films.The film shows a bride who was tricked into marrying someone that she thought loved her. Every girl has gone through a breakup and I myself have felt the heartbreak caused by someone I loved or who I thought loved me. I enjoy watching this film, as it shows me even through death you can get over heartbreak and after you do, you feel like it didn’t happen. At the end of the film, the corpse Bride Emily is free from the person she first loved and even gets her revenge. The world that is shown in this film is of the ‘undead’. You see the underworld from where Burton sees it. Some people may think when you die you’re either just dead and nothing happens, or as some religions believe, you go to heaven or hell. For me, I believe when you die you go to the world where your true heart belongs.

Day 2-Beetlejuice is another film about the dead, a couple following a tragic accident which leads to their death. They have to spend over 100 years on earth before they pass on to the other side. They come across a family that moves into their home and they signed a contract with a “bio-exorcist” AKA Beetlejuice in order to remove the obnoxious new owners from their house. The film has abnormal creatures like the giant sand worms that resemble snakes, but with teeth like sharks. It seems Tim Burton had an obsession with snakes or even a phobia of them, as there are scenes in the film and in addition in  a short film called Vincent (1982), where snakes appear and attack the characters. I find that Tim Burton and myself have a similar mindset as we both like to show our obsession, fear, love and the abnormal side of our mind.

Day 3- The Nightmare Before Christmas is a film that is again one of my favourites in the Tim Burton collection, a Disney film that is about Halloween and Christmas combined that makes the audience and myself enjoy these holidays even more. The monsters that are supposed to scare children end up nowhere near that in the film and turn out to be friendly.

In the film the main character Jack Skeleton gets tired of doing the same old thing every year. After strolling through the woods one day he comes across these doors with markings of each seasonal holiday. The Christmas tree caught the eye of Jack and he enters a new world which fascinates him and influences him into  turning the world he’s from into ‘Christmas town’. In my world I want to make it so you can enter different sections from the dark side of my mind to the jolly side, just like Christmas or Halloween.

Day 4- Alice in Wonderland. Yet again, Alice in Wonderland is weird, wonderful and making the impossible possible. Tim Burton’s version is brightly coloured and shows no aspects related to death, but about overcoming things to make you realise even if people have negative things going on in their lives, that it’s going to be okay. The world in which Alice is the main character shows us things that we don’t see in realty,  like talking animals and planets or the experience of shrinking or growing as big as a house. This is the main film that has made me think  of my own characters in ways that people wouldn’t think about them, just like the characters in Alice in Wonderland.

Day 5-  9 at first makes me question that if the human race was wiped out or was it a repetition of WWII of a isolated war zone area. 9 creatures were created by a scientist and each creature has different things that represent the scientist. The creature is described as a rag doll. One of the rag dolls, (9), awakens in a post-apocalyptic future and holds the key to humanity’s salvation.Before watching the film I had a different view of the film, thinking you would at least see a live human, but it appears that from all the chaos and destruction that these creatures are the only living thing on Earth. Technology was the main villain in the film and it just shows in this film all the technology and weapons that we create will come around and bite us in the ass. That’s why in my world there’s only one human,  and that would be myself and I will be surrounded by spiritual animals.

Hansel and Gretel is a common story that every child knows,  a brother and sister that gets lost in the woods and come across a house that is filled with candy. A witch that tries to eat them ends up getting burned alive. This version of Tim Burton’s is like watching a thriller but for children. This version is in colour but the structure of the film has a white background but 2D effects such as the woods, house and the magic duck that saved the children and brought them back to their father. Even during the short film, I found the gingerbread man quite scary (top right).


Day 7-Other films such as Coraline written by Neil Gaiman and then later turned into this film. when I first saw this film it brought my attention to the impact of travelling into a parallel universe like this world, but with different results with everything you might want. The film is about a child finds it  hard moving in her new home and communicating with people around her, including her own parents. Coraline is invited to this world which is like her home, with parents (other mother/ father) and the neighbors. There are characters that separate this new world from the old: talking animals, animal- like plants, everyone has button eyes.  The one difference that struck me the most was when the ‘other’ mother (Beldam) transformed into a spider like villain that lures her children to their death by giving them the things they want but can’t get from their real mother. This film reminds me of work that I have been designing: characters for my imaginary world. The characters and world are realistic world, however my interpretation show the main character as having dark demons set upon her.


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