Constructed realities


Constructed Realties is an image based book that is filled with surrealistic photography. This work inspired me to add realistic objects and to exaggerate the image itself by inserting reality into places it would make sense. For example, making animals such as insects larger than actuality is another way of saying “now you can be scared because you can’t squash them with your shoe, like you can in reality”. I want my imaginary world to be exaggerated just like the images shown in the constructed Realties book.

Zdenek, F, 1995. Constructed realities. 1st ed. Edition Stemmle: Zurich.


Lynd Ward 

Lynd Ward’s work is inspiring for my lino cut, as the detail and mark making that is in her prints of wordless stories and images makes me want to turn my lino prints into story based work. I would do this by using 8 lino prints about a time in my life where it may either negative or positive. However, I want the reader themselves to come up with their interpretation about just what Lynd Ward has done in her work.

Beronä, D.A, 2008. Wordless books : the original graphic novels. 1st ed. New York, N.Y: Abrams.


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