Marina Warner 

Marina Warner has influenced me to turn the stories that I have found online into a book. A black and white book images to reflect the folklore characters that I have researched online from bloggers, reddit, and youtubers.


Maxwell Holyoke-Hirsch



fine liners and thick line drawings that is used by ink is being used in my drawings. Im finding it hard to decide what drawings will following with my book. I want the audience to feel the fear that is used in the stories that has been told many other people. More drawing and experimenting of what style will be included in the book will be followed upon.

Angela Carter 



Angela Carter show’s a lot Red Riding Hood in her illustrations. I find having a woodenly area where it shows it to be very mystical feeling especially where wild animals are within humans with the communicating of being able to speak and the animals such as the big bad wolves shows the intention of how men are when it comes to an innocent little girls virginity.


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