I started my experiments to focus on on the scene with the foot prin. In the book the bloody foot print was the key area as that how the criminal were caught and I wanted the reader to see if the can figure out what the where this foot print is going to appear and who could it possibly be. I would like to give off the figment of mystery before reading the book. I particularly like trying out the letter press for the first time as I felt as i never had the chance to put it into my work. I struggled at first to putting the letter blocks the right way so they wouldn’t be printed backwards. When I did the blocks the wrong way it took up a lot of time but now I have spent this time using letter blocks I can be able to work faster without worrying what way to print them the laying them down without ruining the foot image like I have down. During this experiment I have made the decisions to make when it comes to choosing a colour to out on top of a black print. My next will lead to editing the foot prints onto photoshop and not use the letter block so the writing will be more clear and professional in the book cover industrial for Penguin Book Cover.




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