Wisconsin Death Trip 1999

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Winsconsin Death Trip 1999 was based on real events that happened in the Black river Falls. A town where a lot of death and suicide was taken place during a time in 1890-1900. A large amount of people moved to America to from Germany and Norway, however jobs were lost and people were going hungry. The fathers couldn’t stand seeing their children starve and have attempted to end their life. The film also showed us a comparison to what was going on in that era to how life was like in the town in 1997-9 and it seems to be that people in the town were clueless to what happened and was making out the American dream lives on but however I don’t think there is no such thing of a American dream where many people suffered with a large amount of depression an was not acknowledge especially when watching this film. Two parts of this film stand out for me in this film. Firstly was the film was in black in white and contrasted a feel of German Expressionism to watching the film and will follow upon German Expressionism as i think it is important to look at into my work. Secondarily was in the beginning I see a man photographing the dead relatives and it was known during that era that rich would have these photographs taken especially on their dead children to remember and grieve what they looked like during that time of their death. Whilst watching the film I expected to that it was going to go even further but yet I found the film extremely depressing as it came to me all the suicide and deaths that was going on it could have been prevented and that what I find the most upsetting there was a lot of pointing fingers in the film but not a way to prevent the situations of what was going on.


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