Front Cover Ideas

Screen Shot 2017-05-15 at 21.30.35.png


I spent the day thinking about what front cover would appear mysterious as well as the story. I started (image 1) using the photograph that was with the article as part as front cover and I used some fabric because fabric was found deep inside the woman’s mouth and I thought having that at that at the background fits well and photocopied it. I also had an idea where a summary would be next to the fabric image to tell the reader what the images are implying.

I then followed the front/ back cover idea with using the stencil I used for my posters and print it onto card. I think this has been the most successful part of creating the front/back cover. After creating these I thought after coming up with a successful print still use the first design (image one) as a wrap round so there would be two front/ back covers.


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