To pick out my pages for my book I had to lay out all the edited images and go through what images I felt were the strongest. The image above shows some of the chosen images that I have chosen.


Week 4

Tate Modern

Tate Modern is one of my favourite museums to visit, as it gives me the chance to see range of different types of art- just how I think every museum should have. Its exhibits range from different styles, eras and genres all displayed in a welcoming, relaxing environment. Whether from the 19th, 20th or 21st centuries. I was struck by two paintings from the 20th century by Pablo Picasso. Many of the pieces make me feel as I am entering into other people’s worlds, especially being in the gallery filled with different type of Surrealist works, which take ordinary objects and transform them into something unusual. Salvador Dali’s work has the most eye opening appeal and bears some similarities to myself initiated project. He offers a world that no one can enter except Salvador Dali himself, though there are many feelings and meanings behind his work which I think resonate with my world, as I try to show all the feelings that I have had, though this can come across differently for other people. Something that may appear beautiful to oneself can come across as the most emotional piece of all.

Works that appealed especially to me and made me feel close to understanding them were:

Philippe Parreno:  Anywhen- This astonishing visual and acoustic event was like being in a tropical rain forest, which allowed all stress and emotion carried to be set aside for a new immersive experience.

Salvador Dali: Metamorphosis of Narcissus- Dali’s strange, disjointed, dreamlike and crazy creation

Hauser and Wirth

Hauser and Wirth are another gallery that I have visited. The first piece of work that struck was Framed and frame by Mike Kelley. Straight away I saw the world that was right in front of me. It was if I could enter the world, a culture that I haven’t been to before, wherever I looked there was something new like the symbols, religion and change that was scatted around the sculpture, “cheap religious statuary”.These religious statues made this work interesting to me as they made me think about my characters in my imaginary world. My characters being scatted around my world and it made me feel excited to look at this piece as looking at these statues, as I saw I no longer see this work by the whole world and made me think where I would place my character if my outcome was to be 3d, however it made me think of doing a big piece of Lino print where I show the world and have my characters scatted around and finally a Chinatown wishing well is described by Mike Kelley, however I think the money that is scatted around the sculpture I think it makes it look cheap even though in many cultures it show luck and wealth. A 3D version onto a Lino as my world would be interesting to look into as part of my self-initiated a project and the world I live in and express to the people that will see my work will experience my world as well as I have done with Mike Kelley.

Tate Modern- Louise Bourgeois


Whitechapel Gallery

Top Left- Susan Hefuna

Bottom Left and Right-Alicia Kwade

Carroll/ Fletcher- Bassel Abbas and Runne Abou-Rahme

TenderPixel Gallery -Richard Healy


VernissageTV. (2016). Philippe Parreno: Anywhen / Turbine Hall, Tate Modern, London. [Online Video]. 13 October 2016. Available from: [Accessed: 27 October 2016].



With my poster I knew straight away how I wanted my poster to be shown. My work are shown as I’m a printmaker. But a printmaker that has different varties of work that I can show within my work. In each section I am showing 3 Solar Plates, 3 Drypoint and 3 lino print in my poster to show I can show my work in different ways in print but also have that same feeling within Spiritual witch, worlds that are not with us, family and theorical space.


After specking with Ellen about having a quteo or a comment about who I am. I thought about my own personal quteo; advise to future artist, for the people that may feel like life isnt great at the moment. “If you fall, get back up”. I find myself that Im a person that gives up on my dreams, espeically the love of art is something I could leave and forget about. I still have many goals in my future and so far all my goals have been succeced and I still dream for them to come true.

London Zoo

Going to the Zoo was mixed emotions for me. I found that the animals there looked sad to be in a small surrounding and being watched constantly must bring out a emotional feeling to them. However there are many animals in the zoo that are extinct so being in the zoo helps them being hunted down and being killed for stupid reasons. So I find that no matter what animals are going to have this world where they cannot be happy and can only accept whatever is happening even if thats being killed or being trapped in a zoo being constantly watched.