My thoughts after doing my photo coping my drawings I thought about showing the story with the reference with the article I have been looking at for the story. I decided to cut out the article and experiment with putting placing them with my images to see what impact it gives off. The image that are shown doesn’t give me what I want to show within my work especially that the story is a mystery and giving the reader what its about straight away can give off the mystery and interest with the reader.

Experimental images of my drawings by using a Photocopier


I started out drawing with black Indian Ink and black chalk to recreate the story visually and still have the same mystery in the story as well as it shows in real life. I picked out the areas I think it’s more important within the story. For example I used the main scene as a woodenly area because It will bring the impact to the reader of why is the story starting in the woods. Give out questions rather than questions. Over time when going through the story I found that there was images that were missing or didn’t go go well and had to be redrawn After being happy with my drawings  it has lead the drawings to exaggerating the drawings by using the photocopier to revert the image and zoom in at certain parts.

American Gods


American Gods is filled with a Mythological world along with reality within one. There are scenes during the first episode of the main Character Shadow Moon (Ricky Whittle) seems to go to a dream like world where he explores a unrecognisable woods and comes across and magical world where the branches would slap him across the face and a American buffalo with fire in its eyes.

I find the structure of the woods skillfully and beautifully made for a tv show for someone like me that doesn’t know anything about the show and what is to be expected further on in the show as it’s recently come out. I want to successful create a woodenly that has brought out the thought to the audience of what is going on and having them to want to know the story as much as I want to know the link in American Gods.


After doing my drawings I was finding it hard to pick what medium to do with my images especially I didn’t want to do a book with my drawings edited by using the photocopier so I went onto using a mono print method. I first found it hard to get the images I wanted but then want onto making stencils and placing them on top of  the mono print and place ink on top. There are also prints I have just used the stencils and have created very interesting images. This prints have made me want to follow onto creating poster size (A1) images of the story.

German Expressionism


German Expressionism is a form of a expressive art movement where the artist would present how they feel and see the world especially during the most hardest time for artist as German Expressionism emeraged in 1910. A lot of pieces of work is linked to war and how it affected the people in Germany that didn’t want anything to do with the war and was suffering by starving and mentally. It was if creating art was there thearpy. You can see the pain that lives on within the art work during that era.

Käthe Kollwitz, 1923.1011_hunger

Cabinet of Dr Caligari (1920)dc01dc03dc05

The Cabinet of Dr Caligari (1920) has a interesting horror based film. Directed by Robert Wiene’s the film has captured with different dark tones on the set that merisers the audience, which I think makes the film more successful and shows content with German Expressionism  in the film. The set was made out of paper and painted on and I think it shows a creative aspact in the horror film and with the form of artistic form of German Expressionism.

Crabbe, Eoghan. “The Shadow Of German Expressionism In Cinema”. Film Inquiry. N.p., 2017. Web. 2 Feb. 2017.

Tim Burton is a modern version of German Expressionism, he has used that form in a large amount of his films where it has showed huge success to how he see’s the world. “I’ve always been misrepresented. You know, I could dress in a clown costume and laugh with the happy people but they’d still say I’m a dark personality.” (“Tim Burton”) I can relate my work with this. Something so positive could look so dark and evil. It naturally goes towards that direction and it makes me laugh how it work somehow goes towards that direction. Even looking at Tim Burton’s films and work it seems like our work naturally goes to a moon light drawing and German Expressionism is a way for us to have our natural way of how we perspective of the world even if comes across negative when its positive.


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