During this week I have thought about the pages in the book I spent today laying out my images to have a closer look at work images work and what doesn’t. I have experimented in many way for my pages in the book. I have done image and a written story that I have used an article and another with just image base narrative.

I decided to use a image base story just like the last book I made. I will be very selective with my images with my images as I want the reader to to feel confused about the story, as there is no beginning or end in the story where there is an answer to what happened to the woman.

IMG_2242I have also been experimenting with my front cover. I have especially focused on an image that I have found on the article shows a photographs of people that think who Bella is.  However this speculation has made me play around with the image in a way to made the woman still unidentify her where the mystery will show in the front cover as well as inside.


I spent the day also thinking about designing large images for my final piece. I layered some ink onto some acid tape, removing the ink away to from the shape of the image to create. The image above shows my first attempt of doing that technique with bread and butter paper. My next step will follow on using two different type of black tones for example black with a hint of blue, green etc.


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